Wednesday, October 19, 2011

You Win Some...You Lose Some..

Spiritual warfare is going down; it goes down from the Gaza Strip on out to the Las Vegas strip...check the battles; we win some and lose some! 

As we go there; listening to Gregory Porter 1960 What? while dipping down I-20 in the trunk rattles in the hooptie ....based on the weapons O-Dizzle uses; they're unconventional...sometimes he'll choose the drum! 

Trying to keep it real compared to what..trying not to come undone during this rumble in the jungle type championship bout!

Chad Dawson vs Bernard Hopkins controversy?  who'll work with me? O-Zone is not the one...I'm  all up in the slug fest acting like a champion; going all out!

Danger zone residents soon found out what its all about; like the wild exotic animals that were on the loose in Zanesville Ohio....what's the deal? why lie bro?  dude failed the drug he's unemployed! 

Like Lindsay Lohan in court...a stranger finds no benevolence on the frontlines of spiritual warfare where troops are deployed! 

Who you rolling with...good or evil? as we go there funky loops are employed by a brotha to do the dirty work!

Whats good? see what it do...check the messages in the song as we put in work! 

What kind of trick bag did you get put in? some wake they Occupy Wall Street!

O-Zone is kicking this good word; he had a whole sack or bag full!! we had to school a fool; whats the word on the curb? like Obama haters will call for your defeat!

As we win some and lose history repeats; check the's like Bryant Gumble vs David Stern..somebody tried to hit the rewind button!

As we use the drum, piano, and the good word; were shining light into the darkness where we might find a punishment glutton!

What's up with him? that's what they ask....some even mentioned the swagger...

But in this life I know you win some and lose some....the smiling face will hold a dagger...

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