Monday, October 10, 2011

Posted Up Like Hakeem Olajuwon

Posted up like Hakeem Olajuwon; but some don't know nothing about that! 

Maybe if I mentioned I'm posted up like Shaq in his prime or Dwight Howard they would know...but some still won't know or understand!!  as I go all out for that! 

Posted up like Occupy Wall Street..but naysayers say y'all will meet defeat..from America on over to's all about the money.. 

Posted up like David Stern, NBA owners and the players the lockout's all about the money...

Whose toasted up in the so called tribute? they said your not about all this and that; some even thought it was funny! 

Average citizens roasted up in the pot or pan in hells kitchen;  French and Georgia leaders to prop up the euro...once again...chefs said pay tribute; its all about the money!

Coasted up in this piece!! ignored the honey do list; low key with this..please!! its like this and like that! 

Boasted up in these piece? some said they're all this and that..but like Herman Cain or Michelle Bachmann they'll neither confirm nor deny to prove it they'll have to fight for that! 

Maybe someone heard the pain and anguish as we come back in this..all up in the hot mess..that's word from the hot messenger...once again...

Plus that's word to the so called player player and Bishop Eddie Long... the revy reverend! 

Whats heard in the hooptie as I dip down I-20 in Atlanta? anything from Lil Wayne /Nore to James Brown; from Drake to Miles Davis; from Young Jeezy to Led Zeppelin! 

As we climb the stairway to heaven; RIP to Troy Davis and..even  Al Davis; did we misbehave with this? it seems were slept on..

Ain't no half stepping like Heatwave and Big Daddy Kane mentioned! 

We ain't playing around with them!! we're posted up like Hakeem Olajuwon..some wonder what were on!! we're broke but still paid attention!

We ain't playing around with this or that dimension...from Pluto to Saturn...from Louisville / Newburg to Johannesburg...

Posted up like Hakeem the dream...playing the funky sound...Transmitting Live with the hardcore style...with other extra terrestrials we merge..

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