Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Seasons Change...Winds Of Change Are Blowing...PT.2

Seasons change...winds of change are blowing; so now a bruh is playing it like that dude Steve Jobs; looking at the big picture! 

Its not strange for a bruh to be going for what he's knowing!! going big with the sonic mixture and this scripture!

Trying to avoid capture; the mothership is rolling ten steps ahead of drones! 

Rolling with this brand new intergalactic funk; plus the good word is O-Zone's! 

A fanatic rules danger zones like it was Libya; what's the deal with ya? policies were implemented that weren't prudent!

Mathematics were studied while the winds of change howled; I act like I knew it!

As we all go through it; everybody has their own coping strategy! 

Winds of change blow; but I was already ten steps ahead when a flagrant agent tried to holla at me!


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