Wednesday, October 12, 2011

They Were Bootleg

They were bootleg at the Candler Rd Flea Market in Decatur..or down at The Five Points Marta Station in Atlanta..they asked me what did I need? 

I told them I was good!! meanwhile in the hood? wannabe mafioso shoot legs for money owed; you'll get kidnapped like Gaddafi's son out in we work with we continue; we proceed! 

I told them I was hood; even though I walk through corporate corridors! 

Armchair quarterbacks said we ran the wrong plays..that was word from Herman Cain..just check the scores!

Check the doors and windows of opportunity that are locked; the bootleg education left some woefully unprepared! 

They weren't checking for us!! those that are caught up were heard saying "woe is me" after they were truth or dared!

Others were scared!! they said the playas from the Himalayas had it locked down! 

Brothas like me were barred from the premises accused of being bootleg' but we fought back; O-Dizzle rocked the sound! 

Where were you found? caught up because of empty promises ....finding out the whole situation was bootleg! 

Where were you found? trying out for show business?..American Idol...the X-Factor....some heard that old cliche..they were told to break a leg..

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