Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Wake Up Call

Ring the alarm....rise and shine..whatcha know? some have requested a wake up call! 

As I go for mine...but the weather is inclement; whose caught up in the storm? word from Occupy Chicago...some were acting fake with y'all! 

Check this breakbeat science; its not the we take y'all there like the Staple Singers! 

Those that are fake with it get slapped with the blackjack for all that we deal with the drama bringers! 

Rolling down I-20 in Atlanta listening to Kiss 104..whatcha know? R & B singers were so some think its a sign of weakness! 

Alarm ringers and town media pundits will tell ya how bleak it is! 

The winning streak is over for some; Herman Cain's success soon ending?  losing plus failure is an option!

The media will Wikileak classified documents; meanwhile O-Dizzle is rocking! 

Oh yeah were rocking it!! as we take things to another level!

Check the moves we make; bumping heads with the fake....the hustle? they're knocking it!!  but that's how its done when you deal with another devil!

Witches and warlocks carry pitchforks and shovels...also cell phones, lap tops...dressing in the latest fashion or wearing business suits..

Pitches are thrown from the sales pitches are are made in back rooms by new type gangsters..soon the treasury one loots..

A snitches story rocks the masses..martial law in danger zones..what's up y'all?  you'll get caught out there like Gaddafi..

In the lab we hit buttons...bringing this wake up call..word from Ashford and Simpson...R.I.P Nick...solid as a rock is how this will be...

In Atlanta...home of the smash and grab..jokers steal that we bob and weave like Muhammad Ali...word from this Louisvillian..

Please believe me...we're falling through with the wake up call...what's up y' how you feeling?

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