Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Flow PT.2

Things weren't flowing right; checked out the ecological ignorance that caused the stream of consciousness to be polluted!

Whatcha knowing? a bruh is dedicated to the truth ...but even its disputed! 

Mathematical formulas are computed like this is the Hadron Collider!

As we proceed!!! check the flow; it's been 50 years..but you know society is hating on a freedom rider! 

You didn't know you?  better find her!! sounding like the Chi Lites; asking have you seen her! 

Check the flow; bright lights will blind ya; its easy to get swept out of the playoffs like the Atlanta Dream..whose observing the scene with ya? 

Who you rolling with? seeking payoffs...moved to Atlanta..following a dream..facing added due to the economy...but it's not finding out life is hectic; you might have to call for back up! 

Whose controlling it? Occupy Wall Street will fight the power..meanwhile O-Dizzle will manipulate the beat; I told him to turn the track up! 

O-Zone is back up in this piece with the good word!! as we flow down the stream of consciousness! 

Danger zone saga / struggles continue in these designated areas; were facing tremendous odds concerning success..the flow is interrupted like virus infected drones..but check the scenarios; plus our response to that and this!

It's like that and like this as we continue to fight this...trying to flow upstream....

It's like this and like that.....I don't know....somebody might know what I mean....

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