Sunday, October 16, 2011

Check The Prose..

Check the prose; college basketball soon approaches...I don't know about the the meantime breakbeat science is dropped in the composition! 

Trying to stay composed in the midst of the madness; but ready to  fight like Tubby Smith when facing the devil's opposition! 

Shalom!!  my brotha...sista..what's up with ya? not trying to shoot it out like at Hell's Angel's funeral's...I was put on to the game by the old school baptist preacher; he mentioned governing yourself accordingly!

No devils arithmetic is studied..he was  already in the details; recognize where the boundary or border will be! 

Another level is reached!! those who are asthmatic have trouble breathing when we reach these heights!

Another devil was telling them to wait in the dark; don't proceed to the lights! 

As we proceed and continue to drop these insights.. based on soaking up universal vibes under  Libra / October sun rays!

As we proceed and continue...dealt with the full moon were back with this... check the prose; knowing the devil will check the Sonic Assault; for some hell is caught.. is it a Red October? check out how this son of God plays!

As we proceed and God a brotha prays..check the battle cry....Lord help us all!!

As we proceed and continue..check the prose...knowing the devil will oppose..he's trying to help us fall...

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