Thursday, October 13, 2011

I Didn't Play It Right!!

Damn!! I had to admit; a brotha didn't play it right! 

I tried to spit game to them; but I hope I didn't sound like your boy Herman Cain...I didn't say it right! 

That's not saying my game ain't Dr. Conrad Murray I won't get caught out there..I just had to make adjustments! 

Who'll work with me at this critical stage of development? realizing its all game..but sometimes "it ain't right" will we fight because  Iran ships opium to Mexico..for help assassinating the Saudi diplomat?..whose really trusting it?

Whose disgusted with it?  whatcha knowing? whose wanting to be mad at the player and the game?

The spot was dusted for fingerprints; usually a brotha is the prime suspect...someone will be assigned the blame! 

The structure is rusted and falling apart..who'll close the Gap? others will get caught the called powers that be clocked our maneuvers! 

The corrupt ones were like Strauss Kahn...but they were ignored; what were we on? these brothas rocked!! now some want to act brand new with us! 

These days? I understand its on we never clocked out; we continue to put work in!

.....Even little homie tried to clock the swagger to see how its working!

But I'm peeping game....some were soon coming with the dagger; hurting things on some O-Jays stuff! 

Acting brand new;  but so am we!!  check the moves we make...previously? I didn't play it right...but I said enough is enough!

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