Sunday, October 2, 2011

Seasons Change...Winds of Change Are Blowing

Winds of change are blowing; flowing like the Ghost Whisperer! 

Its not strange; Herman Cain said the Perry sign was obvious..the whispers aren't careless like George Michael mentioned; broke..but I paid attention!! some asked what difference will it make to ya? 

Gray area and danger zone residents should have seen the signs of change that were obvious..but they were comforted by the status quo; but soon are in for a rude awakening! 

Wall Street protesters were wide mass hysteria is on the menu; now whose falling it those keeping it real or those faking? 

Dude said keeping it real was outdated; but that philosophy was breaking all the hip hop by laws! 

Attitudes were revealed like Dick Cheney talking crazy about Obama concerning national security..meanwhile rations are low but check the purity....though some kept it alley or ghetto; this brotha even has his own flaws! 

Mind, body, and soul are dirty from doing the dirty work....but this  brotha even has his own laws; in sync with universal ones..trying to stay on the one.

Out of sync with these earthlings; they weren't checking for me anyway...unless I spend a dollar or two to save the economy...otherwise...I can see I'm not the one! 

They're half way right; I'm not the one to come undone..based on their policies! 

....As the winds of change blow the top came off the structure!! the comforter blew off the bed exposing the fallacies!

Palaces will be under attack; drones will hit some up like the Al Qaeda leader in Yemen! 

Winds of change blow...whatcha know? the playa playa was seduced by the daughter of chaos..he shared his semen! 

Whatcha knowing..was it Amanda Knox?  meanwhile this playa down here in the ATL rocked the Sean John denim suit after the winds of change cooled things off! 

The role portrayer was out in Sirte Libya...whats the deal with ya?  who forgot their lines from the script? this brotha ran that fool off!

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