Tuesday, October 18, 2011

All Up In The Spot...Trying To Hold It Down...

Were back at the scene of the crime; similar to the crooks at the GOP debate; were all up in the spot!

The uniform? flannel, khakis; and Chuck Taylors are replaced by Crooks and Castles white tees and Nike Air Force Ones; whose making it hot?

...Soon like Carson Palmer running the West Coast Offense in Oakland; crooks attack the castle like Kenya rolling up on Somali; it wasn't fortified; now a blue ribbon panel does the study!

Told to calm down...be easy; but haters were sitting up drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon and smoking Swishers; while were caught up in the Lions Den like Daniel...now some Occupy Wall Street..it ain't sweet..life is hectic...the days gonna be messy; maybe even bloody!

We're all up in the spot...trying to hold it down...but my Timberlands are muddy from the Georgia Red Clay Freddie Hubbard talked about! 

The red clay was spotted over in Sumter, SC out off  I-20 while I was there this summer......middle passage residue? blood from when our forefathers from Africa stalked about? 

Meanwhile Soulja Boy was caught out there with contraband on I-20 in Carrollton...I'm out here in the ATL surrounded by habituals; y'all think they have clout? I don't know; that might be a front! 

Meanwhile I'm All Up In The Spot..just trying to hold it down..others were going through their rituals..meanwhile I just gather and hunt!

Just going through it; mathematics? I drop this!!!  its not a stunt; its how we put it down all up in the spot! 

Just going through it; knowing how erratic it is; whose caught out there? all up in the spot.. we're just trying to hold it down...the weather is inclement; it can be cold or hot!

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