Monday, October 31, 2011

The Wounded

Surrounded by the walking wounded...they were racked up like Tim Tebow...whatcha know? some will expire soon! 

Check the sound....I turned the track up....Curtis Mayfield said if theres a hell below were all gonna O-Dizzle is stalking the enemy; they'll get slapped upside the head with the sonic blackjack!! the coupon will expire soon! 

Now begging like Groupon...whatcha on? the buyer was swooned by the product...but it was found to be defective! 

The liar tuned them out..he kept on playing like it was an arcade game...lawyers said he was falsely accused like Herman Cain.. some ignored that...they proceeded to the service desk; whose disrespected? 

Whose wounded during the process..they tried to get to the Arcadia like on Resident Evil Afterlife...the madness was hard to see through..but what else do you expect from Babylon?

Whose wounded during the process?..clones or residents told me; we don't believe you!!!..we have a life!! now I see they're dumbfounded or flabbergasted; so what were they on? 

I dipped from the danger zone; moving at a high velocity but I had the speed you need; actually it was faster than the speed of light!

I kicked knowledge to a stranger and kinfolk at the staff meeting; casting no shadows because I am the light! 

Dropping insight to shadowy figures in these shadow wars like it was Ghost Recon...what are we on?  all of us wounded by ongoing battles!

Dropping funk on them; I brought the drums and the trunk rattles! 

Snitches were put in trunks; was Sinaloa after them because of the Arizona drug bust?  one who tattles ends up more than just wounded! 

They contributed to the confusion!! they had my people strung out; issues were compounded! 

Whose hung out to dry after the usual suspects are rounded up?

Let the healing process begin!! soon the wounded will rise up!

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