Friday, October 7, 2011

They Were Strung Out

They were caught up and caught out there; some for ten years like the War in Afghanistan..whats up man? you can say they were strung out! 

I was brought up in spots where some were on that "lean" or heroin; where at man?  all up in the hood..that's where I hung out! 

Society hung them out to dry..identities were stolen like that ring in NYC that got busted..or at least they played themselves! 

Don't lie to me I told a punishment glutton!!..they were sounding like Mitt Romney or some other politician..sometimes I wondered what they said to themselves! 

Who encouraged them..told them to go on with their bad selves??? now they're strung out! 

...Now subject to the authority; what's the deal? I've seen and heard about hostile territories I've hung out! 

Spotted some that took a plunge out in the deep waters that were still; mentioned by the Four Tops!

Defenses were new and improved; zones or man to man coverages in the game!! now the score drops!

Drones drop terrorists in Yemen and Pakistan; in danger zones they'll jack a man! 

From Louisville / Newburg to Johannesburg; from Pluto to Mars..from Libya to Afghanistan! 

ATLiens even understand;  so called illegal aliens dip down Buford Highway trying to stay a step ahead; down here in Georgia and even over in Alabama! 

They've got us strung out; coming and whatcha knowing?   I was wise to the set up...somebody might understand a bruh!

Even though I'm on some other other..I'm still taking it to another level...

....Knowing what my people are going through..they're strung out....whose faking it? just another devil..

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