Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Burglary / Stolen Moments..

Caught in a moment of's a critical stage of moments are stolen; I had to admit I was a burglar! 

Opponents will try to steal your aura; digging up dirt on you like Herman Cain's tax lien...his response? told some to get a what's happening captain? it's like Halloween..but I fight the terror and horror; who else will work with ya? 

They said they heard ya...sounding like Rick Perry when you tried to drop knowledge; but there were skeptics! 

Please!! I was like the burglar in the hood; rolling like the homies dipping  down Candler Rd in Decatur in the Buick Regal; so who will respect this? 

Caught in a moment of time...was it stolen? I try to get open..what will they expect from this Kangol wearing old / next schooler?  I checked out the sideways glances!

I knew what to expect from some; I didn't fool with them during the transition; I'm all about making advances! 

Taking chances at this critical stage of development..stealing moments like a burglar; but not in the criminal sense! 

I'm dedicated to the truth...this breakbeat science is proof..though I am dealing with those who say I look suspicious; due to my appearance! 

So I am dealing with interference..knowing what the deal is!! like foreign hackers attacking Wall Street banks..was it another version of Occupy Wall Street?  it's going down from Atlanta to Oakland; but I'm blessed and highly that affects the outcome! 

Your dealing with breakbeat scientists; principles are exhibited when O-Dizzle pulled out the drum!

A band on the run like Paul McCartney and Wings; as we do the damn things! 

Check out the by products of stolen moments when spots were burglarized; breakbeat science is what a bruh brings!

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