Monday, October 24, 2011


Raindrops keep falling on my head; like that pop song by BJ Thomas! 

Can you stand the rain? that was the question asked by New Edition; Missy said she couldn't stand it!!  even though she was Supa Dupa Fly!! so what was my response to all this?

I told some I was like jokers in Libya...I can't stand the reign; plus stock brokers had a shady deal for ya..I noticed Occupy Wall Street couldn't stand the reign either!

But another reign began with a drizzle; what's the dizzle? the brotha  O-Dizzle will Rock With Y'all!! plus O-Zone will drop knowledge on a non believer! 

.....Not a deceiver like a Republican with the flat tax proposal..not an under achiever; as we put it down like this and like that!! but its not all sweet!

Sometimes we played ourselves like Michele Bachmann..when we were caught in a moment of the critical stage of development...facing the agony of defeat! 

But check out this anarchist from the street; he's rocking it..victory is sometimes in the cards! 

All up in the heart of this...moving faster than the speed of light; showing some what heart is!

Knowing how hard it is to survive when your caught up and caught out there; heard your out in the the inclement weather!

Whats the deal? as raindrops keep falling on our head..jokers like Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich drop knowledge; talking about whatever!

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