Sunday, October 9, 2011

Trying To Get In Where You Fit In PT.2

Had to's hard to get in where you fit in; even if your a Mormon..some say that's just a cult..what's the result?'s not like wearing a snapback..though they're's not one size fits all! 

Adjustments had to made; homie said where's the tailor? said he needs a new outfit so he can ball! 

Checked the movie trailer; Al Davis the hero? he took a fall..some thought he and his team were out of it!! but the Raiders are in it to win it! 

Check the moves that are made; please!! this is not a charade..Raiders Of  The Lost Ark type maneuvers are put down... your homie is more than a dimwit!

The problem? DJ O-Dizzle can fix it in the mix; tools of the trade are possessed! 

Broken beats and broken English reflect the pain and anguish; representing fools that got played; occupations take place from Wall Street to Y'all's Street peeps are stressed!

Rules weren't followed when some played the game..meanwhile others were already blessed but didn't know it!

Fools were followed; said they're trying to get in where they fit in!! but the saga /struggle continues; some didn't know it!

Some didn't show it..they were talking junk.....said they're getting in where they fit in...then throw four interceptions like Mike Vick..

Some didn't show it..but they're just stalking..said they're in the ATL getting crunk...a true player for real!! getting in where they fit in..but they just might be a trick..

Breakbeat science we kick...putting it down like this...getting in where we fit in..

Taking it to the dishing the ball like point guard..playing my position...

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