Monday, October 3, 2011

Check The Message In The Music

O-Dizzle gets busy!! what's the deally? he was beating drums like Billy Cobham....or maybe even Narada Michael Walden..what's up man? we're coming through with a message in the music! 

Some will still miss me;  I've got this message from the inner city ; the The Crusaders mentioned..somebody might be able to use it!

Word from this middle passage descendant; knowing from the get go some still hate us..word from Rick heard me?  I'm trying not to lose it..chilling out... low key!

.....Able to solve the riddle; passing the test even though it was an essay multiple choice..on Wall Street I hear a multiple some act like they know me! 

Based on what they show in Babylon? I'm passing through; I slip and slide.....Lets Go!! like Trick Daddy's old label! 

Based on what some show me? ghetto passes were revoked due to tricking; supposed to be a playa playa from the Himalayas....somebody was lying!! had me believing an old fable! 

Its cold...whose unable to deal with Highlanders in Toyotas who presented Passports like Hondas? how did they respond to us? rolling like the Koch Brothers..knowing damn well they weren't legit! 

Its cold...whose having bad games like Tony Romo...whatcha know? check these brothas...understand the messages passed in the the midst of the drums and samples; O-Dizzle didn't stop and didn't quit!

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