Tuesday, February 11, 2020

I Can See What They're Saying (Part Three)

Somebody mentioned, for this year 2020 they'll keep their eyes open, utilizing their 20 /20 vision...

I mentioned hindsight is 20 /20, trying to get my mind right reflecting as I dip down I-20 here in Atlanta; on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday things can go either way! claiming the terrific outcome,  your dude is on a mission...

As I dip down I-20 in Atlanta I noticed the skies are clearing up, the clouds move away but weather forecasters predict more rain...

O-Dizzle mentioned the smoke and mirrors per the manipulated horrors and terrors; he can see what they're saying!!  but jokers were loathing / fearing; now so called pundits / experts / forecasters predict more reign..

...from Trump; but even though the reign began with a drizzle plans can fizzle; heard the prayer warriors praying, plus O-Zone mentioned that it all can fall apart...

Jokers will be subject to the authority, a higher one O-Zone is not lying to one; some will be able to see what he's saying from the bottom of his heart..

Subjects in a hostile territory?  per Black History Month a brotha rides for freedom like original Freedom Riders; I can see what  they're saying, spiritually they'll confide with us as we're  caught in the middle of turf wars;  we're asking whats good in the hood while we're out here swerving!!   solving the riddle; but earthlings will develop another one; a little something to keep you guessing.

Rolling like Freedom Riders the 2.0 version!! out here where good and evil collide / coincide, earthlings have wars rumors of wars!!!  it'll keep you stressing while others sit back and laugh!! to the devil and his advocates it's entertainment while they're chilling..

...eating Hibachi meals at Japanese restaurants, drinking adult beverages and smoking cigars in the smoking section!

Whats up with me? I can see what they're saying so I'm just bringing more math; not too much joking in this section.

What's up with me? I can see what they're saying!!  it is what it is on this path but as we enter attack zones we'll bring the percussions!! the sonic insurrection will knock some off balance.

What's up with me? I can see what they're saying!! basically; this is the retribution!! karmic repercussions for those that showed malice!

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