Friday, February 21, 2020

I Can See What They're Saying (Part Six)

It's going down on this Fabulous Friday but this science dropped is appropriate for any day...

It's going down on this Flashback Friday!!  science was dropped by ancestors per this Black History Month;  per the back in the day episodes, checked the modes now "I can see what they say"

I can see what they're saying by the games that the apparatus is still  playing,  but Black History? we're still making every day in every way..

I can see what they're saying!! in these games? check the status!!  O-Dizzle aka O-Dog is up in here beat breaking while O-Zone will utilize a Fresh View / Fresh Vision  in every way, every day..

I can see what they're saying!! in these games? plans fizzle as shade tree mechanics provide the shoddy workmanship..

You'll probably see me praying due to the games the apparatus is playing; the status quo? there's no Trump quid pro quo!! a brotha can't work with it..

.....was told blessings come down, even though devils kept messing around!! others were asking,  did they miss out on something?

Stressing the masses that were trying to make advances, like Trump dealing with Russia devils were bold; so cold!! all up in this and that; asking me did I miss something?

Told them I wasn't missing anything!! I could see the Trump Putin ticket for 2020; per Flashback Friday? I   was like what I heard Funk Master Flex saying;  "I see and know about everything moving"

Maybe somebody can see what I'm saying!! beats bump and science?  O-Zone is kicking!! rolling down I-20 in Atlanta or  moving through the universe at a high velocity with the speed you need; showing and proving!

Maybe somebody can see what I'm saying!! but are you cursed or blessed I was asked? some were  told that those two concepts live in the same neighborhood!

Maybe somebody can see what I'm saying!! roles were rehearsed; I chilled with preachers and convicts while keeping it 100;  excuse me but per default settings? a bruh is still hood!

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