Wednesday, February 19, 2020

I Can See What They're Saying (Part Five)

It's going down per the HumpDay Extravaganza but this science dropped is good for any day of the week..

It's good for a Sunday, Monday, Thursday or Friday; holla at me, even though a naysayer will provide an argument that's weak..

Others will see what I'm saying, like I can see what others are saying even though they didn't speak on it; the scene?  O-Zone is observing..

Somebody said action speaks louder than words like that funk song by Chocolate Milk or even the hip hop  Geto Boys version it depends on how you're swerving..

Somebody said action speaks louder than words!! oh yes!! check the messages sent to Roger Stone by pardons to Michael Milken or Rod Blagojevich sentence commutes

Michael Jackson mentioned somebody "wannabe starting something"; once again it's on per Trump economic moves per the deficit a crook robs / steals / loots..

Missing in action? I guess,  but I'm back up in here!! chilled during the so called Presidents Day holiday weekend even though digital crate digging and Sunday Jazz continued; I was still on deck in another form and fashion! even though it was raining here in Atlanta and it's still raining I was outside breathing fresh air.

I like to call its Gods breath!! natural sustenance!! what's up with us? somebody might be able to see what we're saying as we take it there!

I can see what they're saying like noticing how Bill Barr shut down SDNY probes against Trump; pundits and experts studied the odds; they might be ready to make a prediction!

I can see what they're saying by peeping game!! my people are trying to heal scars after bumping heads with crooks running networks; O-Dizzle is on the beat showing some how it works but some might not believe in the sonic insurrection!

I can see what they're saying!! haters creeping up in the game have some Running Away like Roy Ayers after seeing how the net works; prey get caught up in it!

I can see what they're saying!! Hunger Games Peacekeeper types have some coming away scarred or bruised up;  if they escape prayers answered; others were sent up by a dimwit!

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