Monday, February 10, 2020

Soul Deeper Vol. 60 (Deep and Soulful House Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues per this Music Monday segment; we're off to a late start, life is hectic...

The saga / struggle continues aka life goes on can you dig it? universal currency? cash that reality check kid!!

The saga / struggle continues, toil and strife goes on another level!! the game? jokers will rig it the fix is in like the GOP senate with the Trump impeachment acquittal..

Check these menus, slicing this meat with a knife, it's lean and mean!! this good word is dropped and beats bump as we reach out letting my peeps know what it do!!

Check us out!! nice with this thing, back in from those Atlanta streets listening to eXogroove's Soul Deeper Vol. 60 (Deep and Soulful House Mix)

Check out the playlist and the mix, somebody will understand a brotha setting off this O-Dog Day Party while getting breakbeat scientific

Barry and Gibbs - Move On (Original Mix)
Sebb Junior - A Piece Of Me (Jarred Gallo Remix)
Adina Howard- Mind reader (Opolopo Remix)
Odyssey Inc. - Whatcha Gonna Do (Original Mix)
PEZNT, Divine Essence - Deep Down Inside (Original Mix)
David Penn VS Roland Clark - The Power (Extended Mix)
N-You-Up - Vibin' (Saison Remix)
Micky More & Andy Tee feat. Angela Johnson - Time (Original Mix)
Oliver Dollar feat. Daniel Steinberg - Testified (Scan 7 The Way Of The 7 Extended Mix)
Mo'Cream - Electricity (Original Mix)
Lee Cabrera & Kevin McKay feat. Start The Party GimmeGimme (12 Disco Mix)

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