Monday, January 27, 2020

Cashing Reality Checks and Making Sound Effects PT.7

We're back on the set again on this Monday morning after a brief hiatus, we were dealing with what fate has in store for all of us..

Bringing it back, affecting how we'll play this!! oh we're like the Side Effect or the Crusaders keeping that same old feeling / intensity;  realizing a lot of things are on us...

No justice no peace was the outcry, especially after  jokers tried to fade us; we heard the lie from a Democrat or Republican politician..

Dropping knowledge like Lez Parnas or Adam Schiff as priorities shift per the paradigm shift? it's rough out here, so how're you living? 

Veiled threats made to Adam Schiff by Trump? opposition is met when trying to get over the hump like it's the HumpDay Extravaganza..

Still bring beats that bump, relaxing our minds / getting our minds right per the 20 /20 hindsight, especially after cashing reality checks; somebody will understand a brotha...

Oh yes!! cashing reality checks!! direct deposits into minds / accounts, similar to a cash app? O-Zone mentioned the electronic thoughts transfer earlier...

Oh yes!! still making sound effects but your homie also collects sounds and  mixes from around the world; DJ's worldwide will put in work too..

Oh yes!! O-Zone still connects with the Lord, but I had questions about his moves when Nitt Pitino died...

So what's really going on in 2020? no disrespect but your dude was asking the Lord after Kobe Bryant died!!

Authority is not defied as far as the Lord's business is concerned; his will is done on earth as it is in heaven per Matthew 6:10..

Hostile territory survival tactics are enhanced; that's the business!! we're still cashing reality checks and making sound effects reflected per these transcripts, dropping knowledge like John Bolton..

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