Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Cashing Reality Checks and Making Sound Effects PT.8

The saga / struggle continues, one of my favorite catch phrases!! just another way for me to say life goes on...

O-Zone? in 2020 it seems I'm cashing more reality checks than usual, direct deposits made into the account?  damn!! another episode? once again it's on!!

Toil and strife on another level was we try to make it to the next level? it plays out either way on this so called Terrible / Terrific Tuesday..

Oil for the anointing? we'll pray for the terrific outcome, then celebrating with this good word and the drum, as we let the music play!!

Society wasn't anointing / appointing us but you can spot us "all up in the spot" ; its more than a cameo appearance when O-Dizzle makes these sound effects / bangs these breakbeats.

Society wasn't anointing / appointing us, disappointing us!! O-Zone will cash these reality checks after taking these clearance rack epiphanies to the streets.

Taking it to the streets  like Doobie Brothers, maybe like  protesters in Paris France, mad about the circumstance!! still out here taking a chance,  avoiding narcs and undercovers trying to trump up charges.

Knowledge gained under church steeples, in colleges and on the streets!! hip  to mafia moves made by these Donald Trump types; please!! when cashing these reality checks I realize its all game; that's where you should charge this!

Doing this for my peoples!! the collage is considered hazardous material but what we have is spiritual!! 

Knowing you'll reap what you sow!! reality has us out here cashing checks so we can buy a clue!!

O-Zone wouldn't lie to you, plus when O-Dizzle is making sound effects he'll put a "message in the music"

In this zone? rolling like the O-Jays when we make these plays!! for positive effects? it's conducive..

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