Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Cashing Reality Checks and Making Sound Effects PT.6

Check us out as old concepts are revived based on how we're living; we're still out here cashing reality checks and making sound effects..

It's going down on this so called Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can play out either way,  but we survived previous episodes per the Lord's blessings even though we're dealing with the side effects..

Per the Side Effect we're trying to Keep That Same Old Feeling but we're out here dealing with the GOP and Mitch McConnell shady dealing per the Trump impeachment..

Jokers try to wreck the already shady system, the GOP and Midnight Mitch aka Moscow Mitch  clock Russian cash / digits per the shady dealing!! somebody told O-Zone to preach it!!

Jokers try to test the system, Nas and AZ tried to school them back in the day mentioning Life's A Bitch then you die...

Jokers try to test the system, O-Zone even tried to school them telling them it's rough out here!! rest in peace / power / paradise to Nitt Pitino, I even questioned the Lord; why did he die?

Another test from the system, danger zone residency?  the evidence presented to me; I'm out here cashing reality checks..

The Lord blessed them and those that kept the faith, now your dude is dipping down I-20 in Atlanta; in the Aquarius sunbeams we'll now bathe!! soon dropping this good word and making sound effects..

Damn!!!  I'm tapping on this Samsung or iPhone once again; next up was the Yamaha keyboards and the Roland drum machine; 20 /20 vision per 2020 clashes with 20 /20 hindsight; was there too much free time on my hands?

Listening to some old Brotha Lynch Hung? next up the Steve Miller and Buddy Miles bands? 

Cashing reality checks as "time keeps on slipping / slipping / slipping into the future" / plus "my mind is going through them changes"

Making sound effects,  dropping this breakbeat science..but life is a bitch;  Cameo told me how strange she is!!! 

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