Friday, January 17, 2020

Funky Techy Classics Jan 2020

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday / Fabulous Friday; of course your dude will be retro - futuristic with it..

Check me out as I take it back to the future like I'm rolling in a time machine, observing the scene; some thought your dude missed it..

Worldwide with it, circling the globe like the Australian wildfire smoke my spirits not broke, even though the saga / struggle continues

Riding for it! what? freedom!!  strobe lights blink at the O-Dog Day Party but naysayers start with me!! similar to  jets shot down like the Ukrainians in Iran with the point of impeding? the madness continues..

Riding for it, back with this!! listening to Funky Techy Classics Jan 2020 courtesy of DJ Steve Adams..

Riding for it, back with this!! dropping funk, ignoring technicalities introduced!!  check the playlist and the jams..

1. House Of Virus vs Jimi Polo - Better Days (Hoxton Whores Remix)
2. Hotkey - Let The Music (Nick Hook Remix)
3. Candi Staton & Yuga - You Got The Love (Incognet Remix)
4. Kevin Andrews - Say Mumma
5. K69 - Get Up
6. Hoxton Whores - Gotta Think
7. Katta - Ultra Flava (The Cube Guys Mix)
8. Simon Doty - Downtown
9. Danny Clark & Jay Benham - Wondrous (David Penn Remix)
10. Lissat & Voltaxx - Release Yourself (Arbre Blass & Adam Reeves Dub)
11. Rough Cut ft Jeris Spencer - Somebody (Hoxton Whores & James Hurr Remix)
12. Kevin Andrews & Jason Chance - Cubism
13. Peter Brown - In Da House (Dolly Rockers Remix)
14. Hoxton Whores - Everybody Dance Now

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