Thursday, January 16, 2020

As We Proceed and Continue!! (Part Ten)

As we proceed and continue, it's a Throwback Thursday but of course we'll be retro- futuristic with it..

True indeed!! the saga / struggle continue as we go back to the future, life goes on!! like I mentioned before old dude from East Saint Louis said drink your elixir / choose your poison and deal with it..

So what's up? I had a moment or two, like walking the Articles of Impeachment over to the Senate we're dropping this composition to let my peeps know what it do.

The corrupt have a chokehold on the operations, any impartiality in the Senate? like in baseball jokers like Boston Red Sox and Houston Astros will cheat to win a pennant!!  check the collateral damage, now my people are out here in the ATL rush hour traffic trying to meet obligations / they're going through.

As we proceed and continue, bold with it even though we're going through it; reality? cold with it,  rest in peace / rest in power to Nitt Pitino still in his prime, damn!! he wasn't old with it!! meanwhile some are still out here acting like they knew it / know it based on previous episodes.

 As we proceed and continue, old enough to know God is good and he's in the blessing business even when we're going through it!!  even though some are  acting like they knew it; we're still out here dealing with fanatics who were in devious modes.

 As we proceed and continue!! it bodes well to rock the Armor of God  per Ephesians aka  rock the armor and shield as the devil and his advocates our waging spiritual warfare.

As we proceed and continue!! it's not odd if  motherlodes of supreme courage and maximum strength exhibited!!  taking it there!

Let the church say amen and say amen again!! check the declarations / quotes heard from the baptist preacher!

Who's putting in work trying to solve the riddle? transitions / transformations plus Lex Parnas type of information will introduce the baptism in fire that will teach ya!

As we proceed and continue, on this Throwback Thursday? were back with this/ trying to reach ya! who's waiting in the dark?  check these instigations, they'll  get hit up with this breakbeat science!

This is Breaking News from these BreakBeat Scientists, after we did the prognosis / we analyzed the information; using our minds.

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