Monday, January 6, 2020

As We Proceed And Continue..(Part Five)

It's not a Throwback Thursday or Flashback Friday but we're retrospective with the old school hip hop cliche; "As We Proceed and Continue"

We go back to the future on this Monday morning, the first one after the holiday season and the first one  for 2020 and the 2020's decade; we peeped game, checked the ongoing charade like Trump vs Iran plus we told the fans to check the menu...

It can be the drop down menu on your work website or today's lunch menu as you try to eat right in 2020, per the New Year's Resolution..

We'll drop the sounds and these good words, check the insights per the numbers we crunch, we didn't fear a revolution!!

As We Proceed and Continue? we're cashing reality checks and also making sound effects; in 2020? life goes on!! the saga /struggle continues.

Lashing out with the sonic assault!!  also dropping these random thoughts aka clearance rack epiphanies after the holiday season!!  its all the way live like Lakeside when we rock these different venues!

As We Proceed and Continue? naysayers say we sound belligerent like a Memphis or Mississippi blues singer who drunk up all the booze up in the juke joint!! 

Speech slurred /  vision blurred. / out there where the lines are blurred /  the gray area!! fronting like North Korea ready to nuke the joint.

As We Proceed and Continue? in 2020  going postal or using the nuclear option crossed our minds as some still hated!! even  joint committees, blue ribbon panels and trilateral commissions are on missions!

...some even mentioned starting tribunals, but your dude knew from the get go they're not anointing me with these!! please!! not the corporate or government type!! even disrespected over in Decatur because I wasn't  pimping with Stacy Adams shoes on, in a South DeKalb Mall "pimped striped"  suit  rolling up Candler Road  in a "Stankin Lankin"  with leaking transmissions!

As We Proceed and Continue? check these breakbeat scientific transmissions!! it's just breaking news from a breakbeat scientist,  the by product from chilling in the lab / marinating / homogenizing like milk!

As We Proceed and Continue? check the conduct, so what's up? please!! I didn't play games with them!! I heard all the "rah rah rah" /  "la la la" stuff ; jokers were harmonizing like seventies groups, sounding like the Delfonics..or even the Stylistics, so whats up with it?

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