Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Breaking News From A BreakBeat Scientist (Part Four)

Per this HumpDay Extravaganza? this is breaking news from a breakbeat scientist; feeling some kind of way about this because I'm not consulted with.. Sean Hannity  by the Trump administration concerning Ukraine; probably because I'm not down with confusion and frustration plus I'm not chililing out with these and those; the definition of what a cult will be...

..or is; the motherhip landed me in a corrupt environment, fighting back with empowerment; just doing what I do, but sometimes feeling like a giant standing alone against the world..

A brotha will get breakbeat scientific, fighting the power like Public Enemy, O-Zone is that type of entity when the drama unfurled..

The Isley Brothers version is even working, fighting devils that are lurking; losing their composure due to the exposure? 

Prize pursuits working for Rudy Giuliani? lot of levels to this thing!! back in the day the old school Baptist preacher said the devil will oppose ya..

What will the response be? pundits said check Kentucky and Andy Beshear, others  fooled with a drug!! visited mamby pamby land where the therapist from the Geico commerical said we should all go!!

A brotha schooled some  with this breaking news from a breakbeat scientist, but there was White House vs Adam Schiff  type of  justice obstruction!!  side eyed / stink eyed / mean mugged by some, so they wont work with a bro!!

A brotha was schooled in the hood, so they thought I wanted my cash to go like strong armed robberies in Atlanta; they didn't vote for me in Iowa straw polls 

Along with this breaking news from a breakbeat scientist? the Sonic Assault is unleashed! O-Dizzle had a stash of funky beats!! sonic grenades? a brotha lobs these and those / this is how he rolls!!

Is O-Zone a mad scientist? this job is rough but somebody's got to do it!! it's dirty;  like Popeye's Chicken it's greasy but somebody's got to put it down!!

Danger zones entered while trying to get a Popeye's Chicken sandwich? you'll get ambushed, they didn't know? they better find this!! check out this breaking news,  as these breakbeat scientists put it down!!

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