Thursday, November 14, 2019

Breaking News From A BreakBeat Scientist (Part Six)

It's going down on a Throwback Thursday as Thursday Thoughts go from the past to the present to the future...

Oh yes!! traveling like South Taurids meteor showers!!   I mentioned going back to the future, now Sonic Assaults are unleashed!! this is breakbeat scientific business as usual!! 

Oh yes!! in the lab dropping this breaking news like the mission to get Trump impeached!! in the lab cooling off from Full Moon in Taurus business; cooling out like the joint by the Isleys,   appropriate for a Throwback Thursday...

Soon unleashing the O-Dog Day Party, told a hater don't start with me!! I was goofing off earlier, rolling out on I-20 in the hooptie!! waiting on the truth to be told, knowing that its scary!..

Discussions about my freedom are not arbitrary; breaking news from this breakbeat scientist? God is with me!! no need for union representation!

Corruptions take place, unions have been weakened; sold out? rites and  rituals performed at communions with Demon Deacons like they went to Wake Forest?   those acting fake in this Babylon forest contribute to the confusion! 

What's up son? a lot is at stake; Stakes Is High per De La Soul, another Throwback Thursday reference so, who's for or against this? using my intuition to to figure the cipher out!

What's up son? a lot is at stake!! the Dark Mystery of Time and Space was analyzed; some underestimated ;  "intellects were vast / cool / unsympathetic / serene in the assurance of their dominion" ;  but that was their opinion!!  they didn't figure we would go all out!

Throwback Thursday? per default settings your dude was up in Louisville / Newburg dodging jake due to a dark history; accused of  being a crook doing the  crime!!  the state will try to bring a case..

Breaking news from this breakbeat scientist? found out that knowledge is power or 
scientia potestas est due to a dark history, it took time to prepare a vehicle that'll run in the race..

Breaking news from this breakbeat scientist? making history, it looks fine although the saga / struggle continues..

....y'all knew I would throw that in because it means life goes on; saying it again,  the saga / struggle continues..

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