Saturday, November 30, 2019

Stuck In Traffic | Deep House Set | 2019 Mixed By Johnny M

Digital Crate Digging Continues per this Saturday Night Fever edition on this Thanksgiving Day holiday weekend...

It's coming to a close, along with the month of November as this is the last day of the month; streaks come to an end..

...losing or winning? told some November would be the month I see them like Wyclef Jean per Scorpio Season but now we've moved on to Sagittarius Season, emphasized in December..

...losing or winning? getting over them, what? the episodes!! moving on to the next not crying or celebrating; reality dismembers..

Some play it like Michael Jackson trying to Remember The Time they fell in love, now dollar chases make some push and shove..

..while they're stuck in traffic like here in Atlanta!! it's been rough all week!!  tomorrow / Sunday will probably be a bad day as constituents go back to regular scheduled programming..

Stuck In Traffic | Deep House Set | 2019 Mixed By Johnny M might help the mood, check the playlist and the mix to feel the attitude; this cat is jamming!!

Tracklist: 01. Deep75 - Round & Round (Main Mix) 00:00

02. Alexny - Flying Up The Big City (Original Mix) 07:01

03. Larry Houl - On The Floor (Original Mix) 13:07

04. Scoffer - Don Of A New Era (Original Mix) 18:09

05. NicolĪ” & S∆kur∆ - Amour (Original Mix) 22:43

06. Richard Les Crees - Dengon (Kokoro Kara Odotte) (Fredrik Stark Remix) 28:55 

07. Workerz - Zion (Deep Mix) 33:51

08. Blo - Hanwei Forge Practical Katana (Original Mix) 38:59

09. Marc Brauner - Up Some More (Original Mix) 43:08

10. Herr Krank - Piano Bar (Original Mix) 47:51

11. Abilaan - I Surrender (Original Mix) 52:58

12. Shaka - Overminded (Original Mix) 59:23

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