Saturday, November 16, 2019

Nat Adderley Sextet - Space Spiritual

Sunday Jazz err wait a minute, Afternoon Jazz Continues!! it's going down!!

We're in a jazz mood, chilling out on a cool Saturday afternoon in Atlanta, somebody will understand a brotha and this breakbeat scientific way he's putting it down!!

Trying not to spaz, using the sound as medicine, making sure I take my proper dosage..

Trying not to spaz, studying to show myself approved, analyzing the information / finding out what it do / so what's the prognosis? 

Trying not to spaz, even though we know the devil opposes!!  we're chilling out, checking out the Nat Adderley Sextet  with a track called Space Spiritual. 

Right on time for  this Afternoon Jazz on this  Saturday,  "holla at me"; check out the players and the track!! we're spaced out, getting spiritual..

Cannonball Adderley - alto sax 

Nat Adderley - cornet 

George Duke, Nat Adderley, Jr. - piano and electric piano

Walter Booker - string bass 

Francisco Centeno - electric bass 

Roy McCurdy - drums 

Airto Moreira, Mayuto, Octavio, King Errison - percussion 

Stephanie Spruill - vocals

Rick Holmes - narration.


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