Thursday, November 21, 2019

Breaking News From A BreakBeat Scientist (Part Eight)

This is breaking news from a breakbeat scientist; it's going down on a Throwback Thursday..

Principles were followed, rolling in the old school Buick out on I-20 in Atlanta  listening to Isaac Hayes and the original Shaft theme; so who'll work with me? 

Principles were followed  by Morris Baxter aka Morris In The Morning on 91.9 WCLK

.....he was hooking up the old school jazz tracks; please!! breaking news on this Thursday morning?  those are  facts for a Throwback Thursday!!

Principles followed by Democratic Debate participants here in Atlanta at the Tyler Perry Studios? check the moves bro!!

Principles followed by Democrats vs Republicans at these Trump impeachment hearings? check the moves bro!!

Check out this minister of information, a breakbeat scientist with the breaking news but rolling discrete through the streets of Babylon!

Check the transformation; your boy transcended.!! winning streaks  performed like the Houston Rockets until they got beat by the Denver Nuggets? winning / losing some so what's up with it?  once again its on!

But the saga /struggle continues aka life goes on;  so what's on these menus? O-Zone will rock these venues that's what's up!!

These breakbeat scientists will proceed and continue!! we're in soul's kitchen check the menu as we calculate the Dark Mystery of Time and Space;  we kept it moving, we can't let up!!

This is breaking news from a breakbeat scientist!! intergalactic, out there in space shining like Alpha Monocerotids

This is breaking news from a breakbeat scientist!! mathematics are dropped and the good music will play; dig this!!

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