Monday, November 18, 2019

Breaking News From A BreakBeat Scientist (Part Seven)

Digital crate digging continues on a Music Monday, but at the moment we're dropping this breaking news from a breakbeat scientist..

Those that hate are rigging up menus / systems doing the evil opponent's bidding; like Mayor Humdinger on Paw Patrol plotting and scheming they'll lie about that and  this!!

..or maybe like Rudy Giuliani and the Three Amigos,  major moves made by these bad hombres or senors? actually just contributing to the confusion..

What will the response be? check this breaking news from a breakbeat scientist, as we expose the illusion..

....perpetrated by an institution; those lacking stamina fall out during the marathon!! it could be in New York or Boston!

Damning ya if you did or didn't!!  related to the Family Robinson? Space is what your lost in!

...or maybe shipwrecked like the  Swiss one, society will try to diss one, hemming / jamming you up!!  per Music Monday Jamming like Teddy Riley and Guy and them?  I doubt it, somebody's lying to them!!  in the midst of the madness who's fronting and flossing?  spotted out on I-20 in Atlanta in the Monday Morning rush hour traffic in the new ride, plus fresh gear even worn!

That's what the style will be!!  but we'll be confronting some with the sonic assault / drum; coming out fresh with a brand new batch!! but due to player hating  we still catch the scorn!

Check this this breaking news from a breakbeat scientist!!  your dude will keep praying as the enemy's game plan was torn out of the pages of history as it keeps repeating!

Check this this breaking news from a breakbeat scientist.!! laying in the cut, the enemy's game plan also consisted of database administers getting busy,  alt shift deleting.

Following the matrix architect's instructions? similar to Trump impeachment corruptions? 

We're not fake with it, all about the art / culture!! dropping this good word plus beats will bump so pardon the interruptions!!

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