Saturday, November 9, 2019

Atmosfear - Motivation (Dimitri's Motivated Respect Mix)

Sunday Jazz err wait a minute; Digital Crate Digging  Continues!! 

Saturday night morphs over into Sunday morning, but the Saturday Night Fever / party is ongoing!! the saga / struggle continues!!

Holla at me!! alright? we'll let the music play plus O-Zone has something to say to a non- believer!! 

Holla at me!! alright? this is conducive to following breakbeat scientific principles, rebuking those saying O-Zone is not an over - achiever!!

We're listening to some jazzdance / disco jazz / house music from Atmosfear  with a track called Motivation. 

This is Dimitri's aka Dimitri from Paris with the Motivated Respect Mix, check it out!! this is the sound track for advancement! from Atlanta to Paris we'll provide the motivation

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