Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Breaking News From A BreakBeat Scientist (Part Five)

It's going down on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday, so named because things can go either way..

Y'all should know by now we claim the terrific part, showing some heart in the midst of the fray..

This is how we play, we're breaking beats plus breaking news is supplied by these breakbeat scientists..

There are no GOP talking points like those concerning the Trump impeachment; beats bump plus the street gospel? O-Zone will preach it!! that's where you'll find us!!

Dude conducted transactions!! the quid pro quo morphed into bribery and extortion, said to Ukraine  he's not trying to yield but worldwide? there's no even playing field!! from Turkey / Syria to  even Chile and Hong Kong to  Bolivia  foreign and domestic violence is present!

Corrupt transactions conducted from Afghanistan in the Helmand Province to Turkey where the leader of the White Helmets is killed?  some aren't in compliance, it should be evident.

Drama is revisited!! the interactions were like family reunions per the upcoming Holiday Season, where benevolence is not shown!

What's up with a brotha?  check out this breaking news!! time is invested but not breaking bread like communions, but I was breaking beats!!  but empty pockets is where the evidence is shown!

But once again it's on!!  Veterans Day was celebrated yesterday but this veteran now coaching has the gist of this!! but demands were made, so I had to pull the plug!

What's up with him  they ask? affected by the Full Moon in Taurus? he knew what the score was, enlisted in college courses but it seems they'll still fool with a thug!

...that's based on Louisville / Newburg default settings, sometimes history is repeating!! this is breaking news from a breakbeat scientist..

Opposition faced per keeping it real!! "it ain't my fault" like Silkk the Shocker;  reality is a factor but O-Zone is not an actor!! your dude  is the chief rocker / breakbeat scientist!!

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