Friday, January 31, 2020

Cashing Reality Checks and Making Sound Effects PT.10

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Fabulous / Flashback Friday; you know O-Dizzle is all about those sound effects...

The saga / struggle continues also; life goes on!! "holla at us" / "holler if ya hear me" per 2Pac, O-Zone will rock! especially after cashing those reality checks..

This  saga / struggle continues even though this is the concept finale; check the perpetual motion, O-Zone had a notion!!!

January is coming to a close, in 2020 we see the devil will still oppose per the weird energy exhibited!! dealing with it!! drinking a hot cup of coffee, like I told you earlier old dude form East Saint Louis said get in the fray after you drink your elixir / broth / choose your poison...

February; Black History Month? please!! this Louisville dude is making history every day  like that Louisville Legend Dave Cee aka Young Nitt aka Nitt Pitino was; chill!! that's what I told a dude over in Newburg after he lost his poise rolling in the Ford Torino...

...back in the day per Flashback Friday; now what's the deal? Lord's will I'm doing things my way; now cashing reality checks and making sound effects!! your dude is on the scene bro!!

Dipping down I-20 in Atlanta, we're not out of these hoods yet!!  it goes down from out here in Decatur to East Point / College Park!

Understand a brotha, my constituents are cashing reality checks From Louisville / Newburg to Charlotte / Mecklenburg;  from Yemen / to the Mideast per the Trump / Netanyahu so called   Palestines peace con game on down to Johannesburg!! who's still waiting in the dark?

Understand a brotha,? when making sound effects O-Dizzle consulted with aliens from Pluto to Mars who told him how the funk should go!! meanwhile on earth some were acting dysfunctional  like they're geeked!!  just a bunch of eager beavers? 

.....soon caught out there in the Trumpism Cult paid off by the corrupt; time will reveal,  we found out they're under achievers.

Cashing reality checks and making sound effects as this good word is dropped and beats  bump but they're accusing us of being non believers when things are what they are ;  it is what it is!!

Cashing checks and making sound effects like Doug E Fresh and Slick Rick? oh yes!! in 2020 and beyond? Lord willing we're coming out fresh with a brand new batch!! that's what the deal is!!

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