Sunday, February 2, 2020

Artists United Against Apartheid - The Struggle Continues

Sunday Jazz Continues, check out these menus!  by now you know your dude does his due diligence..

The saga / struggle continues in these venues; life goes on along with the toil and strife; "y'all know what the deal is"

Feel this!! the sonic assault is unleashed while to the Iowa caucuses Democratic politicians preached; all of them had a plan...

Real is how this sonic assault is unleashed!! caulk is applied to the cracks plus we put paint where it ain't; checked these venues, the structure is collapsing!! for air? my people are gasping, they just wanna breath again..

Black History Month? we're dropping knowledge, courtesy of Artists United Against Apartheid  with a track called The Struggle Continues...

Black History Month? we're dropping knowledge!! the ways of apartheid are still present 35 years after this track was released!! check out the players and the track as the saga / struggle continues...

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