Tuesday, February 25, 2020

I Can See What They're Saying (Part Seven)

I mentioned reading the teleprompter on this forum earlier; your dude is peeping game!! basically, "I Can See What They're Saying"..

Paid attention even though funds are low; scoring points like Kobe Bryant  with Michael Jordan showing respect at the memorial service; respect shown while they were playing..

New crying memes? meanwhile our teams are  spanning the globe being defiant with these sonic assaults; dropping this good word and the good music is playing..

Plots and schemes? check the styles on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way; usually good / terrific  after we started praying..

Plots and schemes? even on this Fat Tuesday celebrated  with carnivals from New Orleans to Rio De Janeiro? check the scenario, even through  the devil and his advocates are still preying on the masses..

Plots and schemes? I can see what they're saying; now we're dropping science,  boring some according to naysayers as we conduct these seminars and classes..

Plots and schemes? I can see what they're saying!! some jokers don't understand us,  it's  like they're scared of Bernie Sanders..

......or like Mike Bloomberg scared of Elizabeth Warren, against Wall Street and the banks she's warring!! billionaires are saying if we do or don't somebody will damn us!!

This Louisville / Newburg cat soaked up game; old school players dropped knowledge they said don't blame the player blame the game!

 I can see what they're saying; even though whistleblowers conversed; out ther First 48ing and Wikileaking for a pardon like Julian Assange?   to officials?  they were spitting game.

 I can see what they're saying; meanwhile we bumped heads with Hunger Games Peacekeepers as these flamethrowers carried torches off into the wilderness; we also rocked the hardhat with the lantern on top!

 Flames sparked to the fuse,  lit the way for those confused /  waiting in the dark!! O-Zone dropped this good word but check the O-Dog Podcast;  O-Dizzle dropped jazz /  funk /  house and even hip hop!

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