Sunday, July 5, 2015

Reading The TelePrompter PT.5 (Observing The Scene)

Boom Boom!!  the beat drops; O-Dog has another one after The Mothership is launched like that Russian spacecraft at the ISS!!

Stories of doom from O-Zone after reading the teleprompter? we're coming with this BreakBeat Science, it's prompt for ya during this ongoing crisis!!

Boom Boom!! that's how fireworks sounded per the Fourth of July celebrations down here in Atlanta!! some of these jokers sounded like they were setting off nuclear weapons!

Are these stories of doom or negativety per working out a deal with Iran per their nuclear weapons?

 Zoom per the Commodores is how we play it after reading the teleprompter / peeping game; now O-Zone and O-Dog go there..

Going In, bum rushing through doors like Public Enemy told us about the show, but damn, I looked around!! actually we're in it now, up to our necks!!! some of us are even caught out there!!

Going In!! Babylon crushing our embellishments from Ferguson to Baltimore and on down to Charleston, so whatcha starting? 

Whatcha knowing? blushing, showing love to the establishment? so how's that working son? check the score, especially since your caught up in the system / matrix, up in the heart of this thing!!

Reading the teleprompter?  whatcha knowing? how's it working? check the score!! they'll snatch the title belt away like Floyd Mayweather Jr!!

Reading the teleprompter!!  we respond to the madness for ya!! O-Zone has the good word and O-Dog has the funky tracks!! we let you know what the stormy weather can do to ya!!

During the storm? so called weather forecasters were heard saying whatever!! they were free-styling like Donald Trump or Ted Cruz, they weren't reading the teleprompter!!

We weren't the norm; per the podcast sounds will thump,  plus this good good word is dropped!! we're not trying to lose after reading the teleprompter!!

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