Monday, July 20, 2015

The Devil Is Opposed To It / To What? The Breakthrough!! PT.4

It's going down!! the devil stays busy but so do I!! in response?  I combine concepts like I'm boxing. 

Check the George Foreman type of  combination;  left hook / right cross per I-85 Chronicles and Carolina Cruising!!  O-Dog is rocking! 

George Foreman grills fired up due to this working vacation? oh yes!! but we're back from the hiatus per the madness still rocking the nation. 

 Lake Norman in North Carolina? a bruh chills!! but the devil is opposed!! from the low country down in Charleston on I-26 to  the high country per Asheville on up to Chattanooga on I-75 check the situation.  

The fake were storming the shores like it was Normandy!!  or maybe like sharks on North Carolina shores!! Once again it's on!!  the devil and his advocates will take you for a ride. 

More than what Baltimore police did to Freddie Gray?  that's how these jokers are trying to play!!  that's how the fake ride. 

What's the score?  O-Dizzle is going ballistic!! but like JR Smith vs Phil Jackson the system is fronting on him!! he's accused of having hazardous material, but he had to take sides during this spiritual warfare. 

What's the score? what we have is spiritual!! but we know the devil and his advocates are opposed!! they aren't trying to play fair!!

 What it do? we act like we knew!! we stay way way out there like the New Horizons out by Pluto!!

What it do? we act like we knew!! Donald Trump vs John McCain type of situations occur as devil's advocates take it there!! but the old school baptist preacher told me to go for what I know!!

The devil is opposed to the breakthrough!!! Wild Wild West type  shenanigans are going down!!  innocent bystanders catch hell in the war between the sheriff and the bandits.

The devil is opposed to the breakthrough!! from Ferguson to Baltimore to Charleston Detective James West and Officer Flanagan types lack understanding!!  meanwhile we're back from the hiatus!! per the mothership landing we had to take a break from intergalactic gambits. 

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