Thursday, July 30, 2015

I'm Back With It, I Wasn't Slack With It

The whole situation is bootleg like Confederate flags left at Ebenezer near the MLK Center;  what's up with it? it's *Shady Like Grady*

Combinations are figured out;  whose corrupt with it? a Confederacy of Dunces?  jokers were at the table playing spades and deuces wild, acting foul,  they're trying to play me...

I threw up deuces like Chris Brown I didn't like how jokers get down!! drama is manufactured / configured;  check out the glitches in the matrix!! I had to switch players!! a bruh is  coaching this game like Steve Kerr!!

Souls are left fractured like parts found from Flight MH370!! I beared witness to it up in Louisville rolling in old school duece and a quarters aka Buick Electra 225's, I chilled with the hustlers and players, where the real drama would occur..

Fractions, equations, formulas dealt with in *The Mainstream Of Mathematics*  aka Reality!! egos it's bruising / battering...

Interactions were volatile like Robert Kraft vs Roger Goodell, it *ain't hard to tell* you should be able to *Recognize The Pattern*

Intergalactic with it!! just got back from Saturn after going by Pluto like the New Horizons!!  chilled on Mars for a minute,  now check the Starburst type funky flavor brought back to earth on The Mothership...

Back with it!! after Visualizing The Sequence!! breakbeat scientific? that's how a brotha will get..

Back with it!! another will get belligerent like Donald Trump types in debates,  one who is trump tight skates off the set after the victory..

Back with it!! listening to TrumpDisco, rocking a tourist t-shirt from San Francisco based on Grey Area / Bay Area Scenarios!! some might know the deally!! 

Back with it!! I mean really!! what did these jokers really expect from this brotha? 

Oh!! the devil is opposing attacking from all directions!! but he can't stop a brotha!!

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