Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Scriptures and Mixtures PT.3 (Oh!! So It's Like This?)

 Here's another episode; check the tools of the trade, the scripture and the mixture!!

O-Zone will write this code; who'll understand? O-Dog was in funk mode, trying to get with ya!!
Truth be told? per Proverbs 16:9 in this zone?  man makes plans and God laughs!!  when you think about it? it is funny!! 

The mothership lands on earth with these *Busters and Herbs* as  lights blink on the instrument panel like the oil and check engine light in my Toyota Camry!!  it's odd, we're still radioactive due to being intergalactic but staying active due to the lack of money.

The preacher said what God needs me to do?  a lot of money is not required. 

He also mentioned what God has for you is for you per the Miami Mass Choir; reality will teach you to *do whatcha gotta do*  before the shot clock expires. 

We're all up in the game with these scriptures and mxitures; per Paul Pierce hitting or missing shots at the last second? 

Experienced old school deacons were in the amen corner asleep;  the motion?  somebody needs to second! 

From Ferguson to Baltimore to Charleston old school, new school, and next school shenanigans meet interference from Officer Flanagans. 

Oh!! so it's like this is heard after episodes go down!!  so who will understand this? 

After we land this mothership on earth after arriving from Kepler 452B we understand how these earthlings are trying to play us. 

Who'll understand as this brotha gets breakbeat scientific? unlike opposition to the Iran Nuclear Deal they won't have much to say to us.

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