Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Reading The TelePrompter PT.6 (Not Liking What I See)

I'm reading the teleprompter like I was on the news at six!! but the gangster, hustler, player orientation clashs with the environment..

Louisville / Newburg default settings made me jump to a conclusion, so who's losing? a prankster let ecological ignorance alter the fate..no empowerment..

What's the deal? we didn't merge with the apparatus so the hood is no empowerment zone!!  we're attacked by clones and drones!! like Chicago over the Fourth of July weekend it's out of control!! ear shattering gunshots exploded..

We were attacked like we were fresh meat for sharks on North Carolina beaches!!  some were fired on like Walter Scott in North Charleston when we entered attack zones!! but we maintain focus / devoted..

Soon Carolina Cruising down I-85 or I-77,  rebuking these battles we keep losing like the Charleston church shooting; O-Dog will multi-track beats while the loose leaf and black ink pen are toted by O-Zone; the Good Word? he had a whole sack full...

Whose belief? choosing to take the assignment like we're the IMF or Impossible Mission Force!! we get free and stay free!! Message In The Music? a whole track full..

Whose belief? a Rogue Nation per Mission Impossible? it's like Greece vs the IMF? blue collar is how I get!! my back?  I pull, doing this heavy lifting!!

Reading the teleprompter, moving quickly, prompt for ya!! we drop this prophecy in the midst of priorities shifting!!

Reading the teleprompter!! the Fresh View / Fresh Vision a gift up in this thing, or is it a curse?

How was I living? following my intuition!! now I'll drop a beat and a verse!!

How was I living? following my intuition after I was peeping game..

Signs were read, some were misled; Fourth of July of weekend? they were chilling where Confederate flags still fly in Stone Mountain Georgia, once home of the Ku Klux Klan...

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