Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Reading The TelePrompter PT. 7 (It's No Fabrication)

It's going down!! I'm still reading the teleprompter but unlike Brian Williams, this is no fabrication...

NBC even called out by Donald Trump!! with this good word? O-Zone is prompt!! plus O-Dog's beats will thump!! check out the collaboration..

These brothas learned their lesson; questions that answer themselves didn't stump us!! even in Baltimore the Police Commissioner got fired as somebody has to take the weight!!

These brothas learned to stop stressing!! God is in control!! now O-Dog will jam for ya!! where did you find him?  he was enhancing lab techniques!! he's not devoid of funk, he's *Armed and Dangerous* ready to fight the hate...

Accused of having *Hazardous Material*  but we we have is spiritual!! there's no danger in this!! there'll be no NYSE computer glitches..

Not even like United Airlines, as I go there with mine!! no stranger to this!! reading the teleprompter added to the knowledge!!

We're expanding like Atlanta United FC; reading the teleprompter, so what did we see? *The Hot Mess*  knowing that things are Out Of Control...

Check this word from the Hot Messenger!! reading the teleprompter verbatim as from Ferguson to Baltimore and on down to Charleston jokers keep hating!! we fight back with the funk, jazz, hip-hop and soul..

This is how we're trying to roll!! even though we see too much, we also have faith, as we fix are eyes on the unseen per 2:Corinthians 5:7

This is how we're trying to roll!! blah blah blah!! so on and such and such was heard from those that hate!! like Boko Haram terrorizing Nigeria, we know how they're living!!

 This is how we're trying to roll!! reading the teleprompter, similar to reading the signs when dipping down I-20 in Atlanta..

We drop these clearance rack epiphanies, plus complimentary tickets to the O-Dog Podcast; who'll understand a bruh? 

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