Friday, July 10, 2015

Electronic Thoughts Transfer PT.6 (Collecting Scattered Thoughts)

Society was disrespecting!! so what's up? nine lives sacrificed just to get the Confederate flag removed in South Carolina?

Scattered thoughts?  we're collecting them like a cat with nine lives; now bear witness to what Exercising Power is, as we're going in rocking a *HardHat With A Lantern On Top* like a Kentucky coal miner!!

Hell was caught, out here battling a Confederacy of Dunces, bruised and battered out here on the frontlines where it's all the way live!! like Chicago on the Fourth of July weekend check the ear shattering gunshots that exploded around me!! I'm dodging the sheriff and his deputies,  *Rebuking The Hostile Takeover*

International like Dr Zhivago per Omar Shariff, but also intergalactic!! thoughts are transferred electronically from way way out there!! as I go forth!! the Federation was sweating my hot style makeover..

Intergalactic!! how will these and those respond to me? oh, they're still hating!! I was out there by Pluto like the New Horizons spacecraft  / spaced out with this math, pondering the Dark Mystery Of Time and Space..

We're back with it!! The Mothership has landed!!  after interfacing with so called aliens O-Dog brings the funk from outerspace...

Sympathizing with immigrants / refugees / aliens while Donald Trump types talk crazy!! soon meeting karmic repercussions?

Symphonies? real with it!!  surprising some!! they're of the breakbeat scientific variety!! as we bring the percussions...

O-Zone?  I bring these discussions, just consider this BreakBeat Science...

What's really going on? like my satellite station!! check out these electronic thoughts tranfer , after we Visualize The Sequence!!  it's similar to an electronic funds transfer, read between the lines..

Read the signs on the highway!! what's the mode or transportation / transformation? 

These electronic thoughts transfers might be too much for some; an overload of information?  

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