Thursday, July 23, 2015

In The Meantime and Between Time PT. 4 (Once Again It's On)

 As we proceed and continue!! in the meantime and between it's on!! once again!!

 Not like theatres getting shot up in Lafayette Louisiana per Arizona James Holmes disciples!! damn!! not again!!

What's up Holmes? that's what the Hispanic dude asked me up on Buford Highway in Atlanta!! we talked about Donald Trump down by the border!!   in the meantime and between time we're bringing a little *something something.*  check the by-product from the four track recorder, beats O-Dog wrecks!!

I'm fighting like Larry Holmes!! per the GOP vs Donald Trump who's out of order, there's work to be done!! I'm going in!! Haz-Mat suits are on, paid for with Reality Checks..

O-Zone collects his thoughts; oh he's busy like collection agencies!!  jokers are flagrant with those and these!! meanwhile I'm paying the price / paying off debt..

What's really going on? what it do? what it does? *Random Thoughts From A Brotha*  is what you'll get..

In the meantime and between time I was feeling Twilight Zone vibrations per being intergalactic!! I was chilling on Kepler 452B but Stormtroopers interfered!! I thought it was on!!

In the meantime and between time, when we got back down to earth Hunger Games Peacekeepers rolled up on us!! but when we moved into attack zones we were fired on...

Tired!! but it's on!! like Hunger Games Mockingjay PT.2 We March Together!! it's going down!!

Hunger and thirst shown in the game on this Thirsty Thursday, just trying to get somebody to work with me, it's going down!!

In the meantime and between time, it's going down!! once again it's on!! we're about to put it down like this!! 

In the meantime and between time, it's going down!! we're surviving in  the spot where *Reason Gave Way To Madness*

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