Friday, July 3, 2015

Reading The TelePrompter PT.4 (Fresh View Fresh Vision)

It's going down!!  I'm reading the Teleprompter like its  CNN and Fox News...

It's going down!! right on time like Brothers Johnson!! we're prompt with it!! plus we're not talking slick like Donald Trump supported by Fox News!!

What's the response son? O-Dizzle will fix it in the mix!! sounds will thump, plus O-Zone will continue to write code...

What's the Dizzle? after we read the TelePrompter we'll let you know what's going on, but thought and fashion police plus wannabe editors will claim its information overload!!

What's the dizzle? not trying to play it like a drug overlord, but side eyes / sideways glances were stereotypical...

Plans fizzle, now conditions were like Ferguson / Baltimore just check the score!! some will get what's coming to them, they'll see what it do!!

Soon they're reading the TelePrompter, hopefully with a fresh view / fresh vision!! meanwhile, some wonder how we're living?  we're funky drumming for them!!  Armageddon war drums  play? 

In love or war,  who's fair up in this thing?  while reading the Teleprompter, per the Charleston church shooting  I see how they play!! 

After reading the TelePrompTer? I spotted the pimp / preacher at church looting the treasury, something was said about a new jet per Creflo Dollar..

After reading the TelePrompTer?  we realized it's not a simple thing!!  please!! we felt the pressure!! it  would break some people's mind / make them wanna holler!!

We'll tell the story!! prompt with it!! breakbeat scientific methods are used..

Others fail like the Greek economy!! they got played by other capitalists, they were used

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