Saturday, July 25, 2015

Scriptures and Mixtures

Dealing with fanatics when we bring these scriptures; sacred like the Dead Sea Scrolls?

Recognize the real; mathematics are dropped!!  while I type this? the O-Dog Podcast plays in the background awakening dead souls!!

Who's acting erratic like Donald Trump? the good word is dropped plus the beats thump!!  the hype is brought down a thousand or two!! this brotha was like Isleys he had work to do!!! I had to work hard due to no cooperation..

Bearing witness to what the hype will do!! now some will talk reckless like Hulk Hogan but I don't think that news will surprise the nation..

Bearing witness to what the light will do, I was on a brief hiatus I wasn't going dark!! a brotha has to fight back, so *I'm Entering Attack Zones*

Usually Intergalactic, moving through space like the New Horizons out by Pluto but after I peeped game I can see how it go!! on earth some were slack in different zones..

Different clones act erratic in Babylon, but it's not surprising me!! I guess they're just doing their job!!

Different tones and textures when we bring these scriptures and mixtures? all naysayers can say is these brothas are just doing their job!! 

That is if they recognize the pattern, like they continue to do with moves made by Bill Cosby..

*HardHat With The Lantern On Top* moves are made after we calculated what the cost would be

Hard headed? stubborn? that's where you lost me!! that's what they told this dude when I painted these pictures!!

Running this marathon like I was from Kenya like Obama's people!! I continue hitting up people with these scriptures and mixtures!!!

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