Saturday, July 11, 2015

BreakBeat Scientific Chronicles PT.5 (Breaks, Fragments, Loose Ends)

These are the breaks; word from Curtis Blow, per the old school hip-hop!! but these are per the breakbeat scientific variety...

Fragments or cosmic debris delivered by reality are recycled;  the  saga / struggle continues, it didn't stop!! jokers told me it's all good in the hood, but they lied to me!!

Ice Age revisited? we shivered during the polar vortex but we knew the sport was complex per I-20 Chronicles in Atlanta; understand a bruh?  95 degrees was on the thermostat in the Buick!! not acting brand new with it, I processed the cold hard facts..

Critical Stage survivors are coming with the next!! O-Zone breaks it down with the good word letting you know the sport is complex, similar to the mean streets of Chicago;   meanwhile O-Dog has the cold hard tracks..

Keeping it pimping like cold hard macks!! but like FSU football players hitting women it's easy to be wrong on so many levels..

Wishing it was a simple thing but like Donald Trump vs Mexicans I'm finding out it's a complex thing!! I'm  dealing with so many devils...

*Reason Gave Way To Madness* on so many levels!!! I'm surrounded by barbarism and chaos...

I'm coming back with these BreakBeat Scientific Chronicles!! I'm On the Path Of Illumination, but Dealing With Angels and Demons!! it's easy to take a loss..

Check *The Sonic Assault*  as we fight back with a small army!! we're rolling down the path with the proper sources of illumination and clarification..

Like the New Horizons spacecraft out by Pluto we're Blasting Through The Universe  / Reality / The Mainstream Of Mathematics!! putting it down!! does it qualify us for sanctification?

Dipping I-20 in Atlanta, checked on the horizon, but jokers aren't surprising!! I was behind a a "Stankin Lankin" aka Lincoln, passing everybody up so they could get off at the Gresham Road exit..

Who'll understand a bruh as I get breakbeat scientific with it per these chronicles? information overload? some find out how complex it can get..

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