Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Devil Is Opposed / To What? The Breakthrough PT.2

I dipped for a minute or two;  the portal? I slipped through!! it's like I was on the New Horizons out by Pluto!!

I dipped for a minute or two  like  Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, I knew how the sport would do!! I thought I was a new man, going for what I know!!

Acting brand new man!! chopping beats up plus I do damage to this English language..

Oh!!  I see the devil is opposed to this breakthrough!! the streets are talking, they wonder how I manage to deal with the pain and anguish!!

Oh yes!!  hard times welcomed me back, but I was peeping game, I have the knack!! jokers? they'll fake you making you think they missed you!!

Oh yes!! hard times welcomed me back!! the devil is opposed like Firefox vs Adobe Flash!!  jokers are like Comedy Central, they laughed after they dissed you!!

Oh yes!! reality checks are exchanged out in the market due to the lack of cash!! it's like the Eurozone vs Greece!!

Oh yes!! society disrespects from Ferguson to Baltimore on down to Charleston the battle cry in the danger zone was no justice no peace!!

Whatcha starting? how's it working son? check the score, the devil will oppose!! especially when you reach that breakthrough!!

Whatcha starting? what are you trying a fast one? talking about doing what you do?  please!! up in Louisville I crashed out in the old school Dodge Charger!! the brakes were through!! 

Reality breaking you down to the last compound or element, please!! we knew how the devil would get!!

To the breakthrough? he's opposed!! in response? beats are dropped and this good word composed!! to the next level? that's where we'll get!!

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