Tuesday, July 21, 2015

We're Not Up In The Spot, But Still Chilling In Attack Zones

We moved on; we're not *all up in the spot* we left that forsaken place a while ago...

But it's hot like the 90 degree weather per Atlanta's or maybe Charlotte, we're in the heart of it!! what?  the Sun Belt Conference!! act like you know!! 

Jokers say whatever, but who'll understand a bruh? not a wannabe martyr like the Chattanooga gunman!!

We're under attack due to chilling in attack zones!! the wannabe player got caught out there due to TracPhones; he didn't dip like Joaquín El Chapo Guzmán!!
I was out there!! spotted by New Horizons out by Pluto, but now I'm back down to earth  *Rolling Up With A Small Army*  *Once Again It's On*  we're Entering Attack Zones.

I was out there!! Stephen Hawking types question my whereabouts!! what's it all worth? I'm staying original!! others are unknowing participants in the Conspiracy, but reality will jack clones..

Back down to earth Stephen Curry ball hawking!! on another level in the project dice game? a shady one will *stack the bones*  *You'll Get Played*

*Shady Like Grady*  these *Gamblers Are Out For A Fast Buck* ..You'll Get Sprayed..

It gets shady!  per Ashley Madison drive bys are not just done in a low rider Impala or a Chevy Suburban..

It's not all gravy!  Wall Street and Madison Avenue crooks we're shooters without guns!!  others were dressed like clergy or even a businessman..

It's not all gravy!! it's not all sweet!! it ain't nothing nice, while chilling in these attack zones!!

Not acting tentative;  Supreme Courage and Maximum Strength is used by this man; once again it's on!!

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